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We Help You Beat Your Competition

Technical Marketing, Positioning, Competitive Research & Analysis

Today, every technology company faces a crowded marketplace. New challengers seem to arrive each week, while established providers continually enhance their product offerings. Mergers, spinoffs, and ever-changing partnerships further muddy the water. To rise above all of this turbulence, it's more important than ever to:

• Understand your rivals

• Stake out a unique position

• Get your message across

• Win more business

A Different Kind of Consultancy

Far too many consultancies attempt to be all things to all customers. We have a very different philosophy. As a highly-focused organization we're able to devote all our energies to our core competencies. Furthermore, we concentrate on technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, business intelligence, and Big Data/NoSQL. Together, these specializations let us provide our clients with unbeatable services.

Examples of Our Work

Proof-of-concept Guide

We developed this white paper to help Gluster's prospects understand how to prepare for a product evaluation.

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Best Practices Paper

SiSense commissioned us to create collateral to help their prospects ask the right questions during the Business Intelligence product analysis process.

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