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Research that Gives You the Advantage

Why it's Harder than Ever to Run a Successful Technology Business

The days of limited competition and fat margins are over. Cloud computing, commoditized infrastructure, and global development teams have combined to dramatically lower the barriers to entry. This means that you confront new rivals each day, making it increasingly difficult to win new customers and protect your installed base. The best chance you have to defeat your opponents is to fully understand them.

Profit from Our Experience

Our comprehensive, penetrating technology and market research helps our customers more effectively position, price, demonstrate, and sell their products. Since we're hands-on practitioners that concentrate on cloud computing, virtualization, business intelligence, and Big Data/NoSQL, our analysis is highly focused and accurate. Our clients use this research to educate their staff, partners, customers, and prospects.

Examples of Our Work

Market Research Project

Our client retained us to perform a detailed survey of the low/no-cost Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) marketplace. Our results helped determine the pricing model and go-to-market strategy.

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Competitive Analysis White Paper

We were retained by Sybase to evaluate a collection of technologies serving the analytic and data warehousing market. We examined new and existing solutions, with a particular emphasis on column-oriented database platforms.

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