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Cloud computing

Ten Strategies for Implementing SOA Governance Technology

It's nearly impossible to govern a SOA implementation without supporting technology. This presentation (delivered at the Business Technology Summit in Bangalore, India) provides some ideas on how to deploy this vital infrastructure. Get it here.

7 Fundamentals of Mission-Critical Service testing

Delivered at the QCon event in San Francisco, this presentation provides a series of best practices for testing your Web and REST-style services for maximum performance, functionality, and availability. Get it here.

Why Dev/Test is a great place to launch your cloud computing initiatve

A series of blog posts that describe how to use Amazon EC2 to set up cloud-based Dev/Test resources

Analytics and data warehousing

Web Service-enabling Relational Databases for Easy Access

Relational databases are often your most valuable IT assets. Here's an example of the role they can play in service-orientation. Learn more here.

Guides to Low/No-cost Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Technologies

A series of instructional papers illustrating how to quickly create cost-effective data migration and transformation between databases such as SQL Server and Oracle, using connectivity software from DataDirect.

Using Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle). Click here.

Using Clover ETL. Click here.

Using Jasper ETL. Click here.

Examples of Our Work

Replication for Dummies

This served as a thought leadership document to help educate our customer's prospects about database replication.

Download Now

Selecting a SaaS Support Solution

We created this White paper to help prospective customers conduct a thorough evaluation of a modern, SaaS-based help desk application.

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